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Retrofit Opportunities with Commercial Films

Innovation and Capabilities

MEP Films are the innovators when it comes to recognising the considerable benefits and cost efficiencies that window films can deliver for commercial and residential buildings in Australasia. For around three decades, MEP Films have been at the forefront of demanding from their manufacturer’s leading edge ‘latest technology films ‘ that best serve this region.

Enerlogic - There is no better example than Enerlogic, arguably one of the best performing energy saving window films on the planet in keeping out huge amounts of solar heat and, maximising heat retention in order to deliver appreciable energy savings and value for money. Exclusive to MEP Films

Major Projects - Positioned by independent bodies as the largest window film distributor in Australia and New Zealand, MEP Films Commercial Films division under the stewardship of General Manager George Mariotto, has the expertise to manage medium to large corporate projects from suburban office buildings to CBD high rise buildings both within the region or anywhere around the world. The credibility of Film Division is well established when the Australian Government appoints MEP Commercial Films to handle a multi million dollar project across 32 countries all over the globe. That’s clearly underlining the credentials of a trusted supplier and reliable installation team with global capability.

Corporate Structure, Expertise and Global Reach

To meet these challenges, MEP Films is well placed with solid financial backing, sizeable infrastructure, marketing support, training and development, and of course an impressive market leading position in Australasia for over 30 years.

Commercial Films capabilities extend across Research and Development, Project Management, Sales, Marketing, Training, Quality Assurance, Warehousing, Logistics, IT&T, plus the ability to source, build and manage installation teams nationwide or for international projects.

Technical Support & Expertise

Commercial Films a division of MEP Films is part of one of the most sophisticated window film installation networks in the world and highly regarded within the industry. An unsurpassed knowledge of all facets of the product including the technical characteristics of the film itself in conjunction with glass identification and installation techniques, project auditing expertise, warranty support and technical documentation adds up to best practice in the region. 

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